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If you are looking for an expert painter and decorator near you in Grays or Thurrock, then we are the top painter decorator choice here in Essex.

Having delivered services like house decorating, exterior house painting, full house painting, outside house painting and different types of home painting services , we will do our best to redecorate your property according to your wishes and requirements. 

Whether you are moving into a property that needs a fresh look and upgrade or you simply want a change in your beloved home, with Orsett Refurbishment’s house painting and decorating services you will have multiple options that suit your vision and budget.

What can House Painting & Decorating do for my Property?

Painting a wall or a room with a modern colour you love can make a big difference to the whole presentation of a property. If you’re more of a pattern fan, we can also add your favourite wallpaper to give your room that extra flair.

If you’ve just moved into a property and are not happy with the flooring or room design, we can offer our expert advice on the best options for decorating it to your standards. No matter whether you like laminate flooring, tiled flooring or carpet, we can do it all for you.

Additionally, we can install trendy headlights, underfloor heating or any other customized home improvements you would love to add, which you can discover in our other services sections such as kitchen installations for example.